We are a family that believe in each other and each persons dreams and goals.
We love our country and are big on respect.



by Shay Price


Being a family of seven children ranging in age from 31 years down to 6 years, we have seen how every child learns at a different pace and with different abilities. Choosing to school our youngest five children at home works well for us, with the belief system that knowledge opens up life and helps you make good choices for your future. While believing strongly in education, we have seen the need for alternative ways to retain information and as a musical family anything creative works well for us.


We live on the Sunshine Coast and my husband has a business in construction to support the family. I educate the children at home and we also have a family band and love performing together.

The eldest two children are married and the third works in Brisbane.

There are four children still at home, one just completed school and the youngest about to start.


Ten years ago in 2009, while I was teaching one of my children about our government I looked for a way to help him remember each Prime Minister in order. There didn't seem to be an alternative other than just trying to remember by rote. I thought it would be amazing to have a song that would instil the names of our Prime Ministers in order. At this stage I had only written a couple of songs and found it too hard to write about the then 26 Prime Ministers, and I put the idea away.

Over the years I had revisited the idea, as something in me wouldn't let it go. In the meantime, my four youngest children and I put our music abilities and our love for country music together and we started a band called 'Chasing Sunday'. We started writing our own music and performed covers and originals.

I decided to give the Prime Minister song another go using all the experience I had gained over the years. The song got off to a rocky start but then everything fell into place.

The song was finished and we felt it was too good not to share. So, we recorded the song and now are eager for others to benefit from it.