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    We have a passion for our country and who we are as a nation.  We are fully invested in the importance of family, community, leadership, honour, and respect.



    We believe that when someone feels like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and when they feel they have a part to play in something, they respect and look after it.  They will invest time, effort, energy, skills, and most of all part of themselves into it.


    Family heritage is passed to our children through living in families as well as what we teach them about our past.  National heritage is passed on in a similar way.  Students sense they are part of our national heritage both by how we demonstrate respect for our country and her people, as well as what we teach them about our nation’s past.


    Family, community, leadership, honour and respect are some of the themes embedded in this project material.  The hope is that students will be encouraged to consider how these themes have played out in the highest levels of government during our nation’s history.


    We have a responsibility to model respect for leadership and teach the next generation about their nation’s past.  As a nation, our education system prospers when we instruct our youth about the positive impact of our past generations.  Part of this is helping them to become aware of the key figures in our nation’s past leadership including their successes and failures, challenges and tenacity during times of national hardship.


    The song on which this unit of work is based, is one attempt to instruct students as part of their studies of government to consider all the great leaders who have led our nation since Federation in 1901 up to the present day.