Australian Prime Minister Song


Our Prime Ministers' song and Lyrics

A song that is easy to learn and teaches the students all the names of the Australian Prime Ministers in order. The chorus also gives a foundation of how our Prime Minister is voted in and the length of the term.

Australia became a federation in the year 1901
It was Edmund Barton’s ‘One Great Thing’
and soon he became our number one
Alfred Deakin led three times,
he is the finest speaker we have found
For just four months Chris Watson was around

Australian people vote a party in
From where our Prime Minister belongs
Three-year term is what they get
To make our future secure and strong


Backing track


​ You receive the professionally recorded backing track as well as the music score sheets should you wish the class to perform their own version of the song. ​

The backing track gives every class the opportunity to sing the song on their own and retain the order of our Prime Ministers.

​ The music sheets are individually scored for each instrument used in the recording of the song. It is in the original recorded key of A and also transposed into the key of G so even beginners can learn

Vocals    Guitar    Drums    Piano    Bass    Mandolin    Ukulele    Tamborine    Shaker
This program gives the school music department, the choir, and individual classes the opportunity to use this resource to perform at assemblies, eisteddfod's, award presentations, Australia Day Ceremonies, Competitions, and any other performance opportunities


Classroom resources


There are three resources to help retain Australia's Prime Ministers names and order they served.

Crossword - There are two options, a smaller crossword with just the surname of our Prime Ministers, or a larger crossword with the full name used in the song. The clues for the answers are the line in the song for each name.

Word Search - The word search uses the surname of each Prime Minister.

Order of Prime Ministers - The clue given is the line of the song that matches each Prime Minister in order so the students can write and memorise each leaders name that followed the previous leader .

Powerpoint - Every child receives the name of one Prime Minister to work on in a powerpoint and each class should cover the majority of leaders.


Learning guide


We have included Australian Curriculum Links to make it easier and less time consuming for teachers to mark off what has been covered.

You receive a Line by Line breakdown of the song which will help to start a discussion and open up curiosity about our leaders.

There is Quick Fact Links and Links to more in-depth information included on every Prime Minister for teachers to send through to their students.

Our 'Note To Teachers' gives the teachers an outline to address the students on the importance of honouring and respecting leadership, parents, teachers, and each other.